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Financial matters stands as the top cause of stress in individuals today. Businesses who don’t have a plan in place are finding decreased employee engagement and productivity due to these matters. See how financial literacy may improve your employees health, engagement, and productiveness.


Your Employees Have Questions

Chances are, you’ve experienced financial stress at some point, we all have. Money is a taboo subject, shrouded by this myth that you must have everything figured out. The reality is, Americans are struggling financially, and it’s costing their employers.


Of employees at work spend three hours or more thinking about or dealing with issues related to their personal finances each week.

Is how much businesses lose in lost wages each year per employee who struggles with financial stress at work.


Do you have a financial plan in place?


Learn how to properly invest your money with a goal in mind. Become better educated about the different types of investments, and how you can grow your assets over time. 

Retirement Planning

  Whether retirement is around the corner or years away, having a plan in place will assure you that you are taking the right steps.

Asset Allocation

Everyone has different levels of comfort when it comes to investment risk. By working together we can identify what a proper asset allocation looks like for you.

Financial Consulting

How We Work Together

1) Introduction Call/Meeting<br />

During the introduction call, we discuss your financial needs and situation, and I go over my services and discuss how I can help you reach your goals. If my services match your needs, we then move forward with setting a day and time for a face-to-face meeting.

2) Gathering Data/ Goal setting<br />

At our face-to-face meeting, we will review any statements and financial documents you have brought in. We have an in-depth conversation surrounding your goals and needs and define the scope of work for your situation. Following our meeting, I follow up with an email summarizing the scope of the relationship and outline the fee for my services. Once you approve and sign the agreement, I get started on preparing your financial plan.

3) Analysis/ Generating a Plan<br />

I perform the analysis for the agreed upon work and document my observations, research, and recommendations in a financial report.

4) Presentation of Your Financial Plan<br />

At our second meeting, we discuss the report and go over any questions you may have, cover all areas that you are unsure about, and make sure everything is well understood. In doing so I make sure you feel comfortable in the implementation of the plan.

5) Follow-up/ Plan Execution<br />
  • After a couple weeks I will follow up to make sure there are no remaining questions and that you have successfully implemented the plan.

  • For certain clients and projects the implementation is handled entirely on my end. If this is the case, then I will follow up with you once everything has been completed.

6) Annual Review<br />

Finally, I recommend reviewing the plan annually or more frequently if necessary.



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